May 2011

Resume Checklist

by Admin on May 15, 2011

If you’re just sitting down right now to write your resume, it’s important to go over everything and make sure everything is ready to go. Or maybe you’ve already crafted a well-written, concise resume — so you think – and you just need to give it a good once over. Regardless, there are very crucial […]

When writing a resume, many job seekers only consider the content of their resume. They often get too wrapped up in the summary of their employment, skills, accomplishments and their education background that they don’t pay enough attention to the resume layout and design. While it is of the utmost importance to write a dynamic, […]

A well-written resume is essential to getting an interview for the job you want. Resumes should always be rewritten to target the job you are seeking; don’t send a generic resume to every employer unless you’re trying to stay out of the job market. Even though every resume absolutely must be different and must be […]

Many job seekers spend so much time crafting a perfect resume that they pay very little attention to their cover letter. A resume takes a lot of effort to fine tune and target toward the job, from selecting the experiences and accomplishments that best sell you to a specific company, to creating an impressive summary […]