A Well Written Resume Template Is Essential

by Admin on May 10, 2011

A well-written resume is essential to getting an interview for the job you want. Resumes should always be rewritten to target the job you are seeking; don’t send a generic resume to every employer unless you’re trying to stay out of the job market.

Even though every resume absolutely must be different and must be targeted to the specific employer and position, there are rules that apply to every resume. A template can be followed to create a concise, effective resume. How you populate it is up to you, but here is a strong resume template that can get you started.

Contact Information should be detailed first, at the top of the page, and can be cantered or justified on either margin for effect.

Applicant Name — first and last, no nicknames
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Email — Must be professional.
Telephone number

Career Objective: This must relate to the job you’re applying for. Something about this job must satisfy the objective in order for the employer to see you as an effective, determined employee. The opposite is also true. If you list an objective the job doesn’t satisfy, why should they even meet with you?

Experience: list jobs in reverse chronological order here – current job first, then previous job and so on.

Title, Name of current company, dates worked

  • Bullet pointed list
  • of accomplishments, not duties.
  • Choose accomplishments that are relevant to the job you’re applying for
  • and list them first. Fill out the list with impressive content that may be unrelated
  • only after listed the information that connects with the job at hand.

Title, Name of previous company, dates worked

  • Follow the same guidelines
  • laid out in the previous section.
  • Continue in this fashion until
  • you have listed all jobs and internships from this field.


  • In this section you will list the skills and abilities relevant
  • to the job at hand that you have acquired through past jobs and through education.
  • List job specific skills and
  • ”soft skills” like teamwork, communication skills and leadership.


  • Degree, Institution, Dates attended.
  • If currently working on an advanced degree, list that with expected graduation date.
  • List relevant certifications and titles.
  • Detail any extracurricular activities that illustrate your leadership or teamwork skills.
  • List any awards or achievements.

References: if the posting asks for references, list them. Definitely contact all references ahead of time. First, it’s absolutely necessary to ask permission before listing someone as a reference. Second, it gets your references thinking about what they will say, which is good – they won’t be caught off guard!

Reference Name
Relationship – usually a job title
Years known
Email address
Telephone number

List three to four references.

Using this template is a good start to writing a resume that will get noticed. It is short yet effective. Fill it in with your details targeted specifically to the job, and you’ll be a step closer to getting that interview.

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