Graduate Resume Template

As university students prepare for graduation and get set to enter the job market, they need to start considering the content of their resumes. The graduate resume is a very unique type of resume, since unlike typical job seekers, students nearing graduation typically have little or no practical work experience in their field. Graduates need to rely on the functional resume format, which emphasizes skills and abilities over experience.

Prospective employers looking to hire recent graduates understand what they are getting, so they are fully aware of the fact that a student’s resume with not be full of rich and varied work experience. Graduates need to understand this and not get worried about their lack of real world expertise. With recent graduates, employers really want to see a few key areas with hopes that details in these facets of a graduate’s history reflect the type of employee they will be:

Education details: The name of your school, your degree, your grade average and any honours received are all very important. Don’t overlook other things, though. Clubs, sports, student government, civic organizations and any other extracurricular activities can go a long way in showing that you work well in groups and are a determined student who will become a determined worker. Graduates can also list awards, degree-related contests and events, and any other achievements from their time as students.

Internships: internships, whether paid or just for credit, look great on a resume. In lieu of work experience, internships will show an employer that you know how to actually work in the real world outside the classroom. Internships also show you as a responsible, dedicated person. You are essentially working a job outside of classes, homework and student activities. Employers see this as a demonstration of your ability to multitask and commit to work.

Responsibility: Good grades, successful internships and even part time jobs all show employers that you are a responsible person. It takes hard work and dedication to juggle class work, seminars, part time jobs, sports and all the other activities at university. Demonstrating success at all these things on a resume goes a long way to impress prospective employers looking to hire recent graduates.

Here is an example of the principles of resume writing as it applies to a future graduates trying to enter the job market after university.

James March
17 Deckard Street, Unit 5B
Perth WA 6000,
Phone: (02) #### ####
Email: YourEmail [@]

Career Objective: To apply my education and internship experience to enter the field of accounting with a strong firm where I can contribute, learn and grow.

Relevant skills:

  • Class work, internship and student activities exemplify my level of dedication excellent ability to multitask.
  • Eager to learn, I find to easy to pick up new skills.
  • Equally good at working alone or as part of a team. Unselfish team player who loves to contribute.
  • I am a natural at accounting. I have always been fascinated with numbers and statistics.


Bachelors of Science in Accounting
Perth School of Business and Management Arts
2007 – Present (Expected graduation: May 2011)

  • Earned ranking of “High Distinction” in every term throughout my schooling.
  • Member of the Australia Association of Young Accountants.
  • Tutored students in introductory courses.
  • Played second row forward on university rugby team that won ASRA championship in 2009.
  • Volunteered as a tax advisor for underprivileged adults.

Work Experience:

Accounting Firm of Hayes, Gordy and Roberts
Tax Intern
September 2009 – Present

  • Helped associates research and prepare tax filings for individual customers and businesses.
  • Maintained tax library, organizing materials and updating documentation regularly.
  • Assisted accountants with offsite audits.
  • Prepared financial statements.

Sunshine Video
Store Manager
June 2007 – September 2009

  • Promoted to store manager after one year as a sales associate.
  • Performed store closing accounting of sales and nightly bank deposit.
  • Assisted regional manager with sales reports and presentations.
  • Performed all hiring tasks, including advertising for jobs, interviewing, hiring and orientation.

In the example above, James is a student nearing graduation. He obviously won’t have a lot of true work experience, but he can prove himself to employers with his exceptional school record. He has great grades, participated in worthwhile groups and activities and had an impressive internship. He even listed an unrelated part time job because it shows that he is driven, responsible and a hard worker.

Students who are about to graduate do not need to get wrapped up in worry over a lack of experience when entering the job market. Employers know they are getting inexperienced students; they are hoping these students will be enthusiastic, responsible and ready to learn. If your resume can show these qualities as well as James’ did in the example above, you will be well on your way to getting and interview and getting your first job.