Internship Resume Template

Students typically seek internships in the last years of undergraduate education as they seek to transition from university to the working world. An internship can be paid or unpaid, and it is essentially on the job training and can also serve as a sort of “long term interview.” Interns will put the skills learned and knowledge gained in the classroom to work in a real world environment as they obtain true experience and hopefully prove themselves worthy of a job upon graduation. The resume needed when applying for internships is quite different from a standard resume since, unlike , since unlike workers who are currently in the job market, a student seeking an internship does not have any experience in the field. Internship hopefuls will exclusive use the functional resume format. The functional format stresses knowledge and abilities over experience.

Students applying for internships should not worry about a lack of practical experience in their resumes. Companies seeking interns fully understand that they are not getting seasoned professionals. They know full well that they are getting knowledgeable, enthusiastic trainees that they can mould into the type of employee they want and hopefully hire after school is finished. An internship is essentially a mixture of a job and another class; you are working and you are leaning. Companies understand this and are looking for two primary things on an internship resume: details of your education and concrete displays of your level of responsibility.

Education: School name, dates attended, degree you are pursuing, details of your grades and any scholastic honours or awards are very important to include here. Students writing an internship resume should list any specialized course work they feel apply specifically to the job as well. As important as course work is, it’s also crucial to not overlook extracurricular activities. Sports, student organizations and clubs, civic organizations, mentoring programs and the like can show that a student can dedicate time and effort to things outside the bare minimum – class work — and show that you are a well rounded person who can dedicate time and effort when needed.

Responsibility: This goes hand in hand with your education, course work and activities. When you list these things and demonstrate your success at juggling school, homework, possibly a part time job, student organizations and myriad other things, you show the company that you are a responsible person. Companies want interns who can multitask, work hard and see a job through to the end with a consistent level of effort. Companies know you don’t have work experience; they want to see that you have the responsibility to fully dedicate yourself to the task at hand and to the job they need you to do.

The functional resume, focused on skills and abilities, is the perfect tool for internship seekers to display the knowledge and talents gained in college and display the responsibility companies are looking for. Here’s an example of a resume written by a student applying for an internship.

Kimberly Nash
227 Bank Street, Apt. E
Perth WA 6000,
Phone: (02) #### ####
Email: YourEmail [@]

Objective: To obtain an internship at a marketing firm where I can apply my classroom knowledge to the real world to gain true experience so I can grow into a marketing professional.

Relevant skills:

  • Enthusiastic and dedicated to completing every task on time and correct to the letter.
  • Excellent computer skills. Proficient in MS Office Publisher, Adobe InDesign and other publishing and layout software packages.
  • Creative and contributing team player who relishes the exchange of ideas that comes with working in a group.
  • Highly skilled at both written and verbal communication.


Bachelors of Science in Accounting
University of Perth
2007 – Present
Graduating 2011 with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing

  • Earned Dean’s List honours throughout my education.
  • Worked as a teacher’s aide for Introductory Marketing and Public Relations classes for two terms.
  • Served on the student government for two years.
  • Assistant producer and editor at University television station.
  • Volunteered to serve as an ambassador for new student orientation for my final two years at university.
  • Played on the University tennis team throughout my time at university. Top five ranks player on the team.
  • Started University of Perth Chapter of Amnesty International and served as chairperson from 2008 to present.

In the example, you can plainly see that Kimberly has no work experience at all. She has dedicated all her time at university to studies, volunteering, tennis and other activities. As such, she has expanded the “education” section of her resume to include this impressive list of experiences and responsibilities. This shows Kimberly as a strong multitasker who can dedicate herself successfully to a number of areas.

Students looking for internships need not worry about a lack of experience when writing a resume. Employers understand that they are hiring students for learning, training and evaluation. It’s important to convey through your resume that you are the type of student with the know-how and abilities who can contribute in any area you are needed and the enthusiasm to dedicate yourself to the job. A well written resume that shows these qualities will certainly open the door to a rewarding internship and possibly a great job upon graduation.