Manager Resume Template

Management professionals have a lot of options when it comes to finding a job. Every company in every industry employs managers at all levels of their organization to ensure projects run smoothly, departments operate efficiently, budgets are conformed to and to perform many more vital functions of industry. Job seekers who are in the market for a management position can approach the job from several different backgrounds, as well. Some applicants may be management specialists with undergraduate degrees in business or graduate level MBA’s. Other applicants may stick to their field, rising through the ranks to the management level after serving as a worker with a history of satisfactory performance. Either way, a well written resume is vital to obtaining a management position.

Since management positions are so important to a company’s well being and prosperity, hiring managers pay special attention to the resumes sent in for these openings. The level of responsibility expected of managers is very high; the very life of a company is on the line and an organization’s fortunes can change easily based on management decisions. It’s vital that a management resume show that the applicant is a dependable person who is conscientious and pays attention to details. Keep this in mind when writing your management resume. Examine the details of the job opening and then correlate their needs with your own experiences, skills and education details that apply. The company will appreciate that you are not sending a generic resume, and this will show dedication and attention to detail. It also goes a long way in “selling” you to the company.

The format you choose for your resume is very important. It’s always crucial to “put your best foot forward.” Lead with your strengths when deciding the format of your management resume. If you are an experienced manager in the business world with a wealth of real world job history, then use the chronological resume format. This format focuses foremost on experience and work history. If you have not had a management position yet and are looking to break in, then you should instead highlight your transferable skills first by using the functional resume format instead.

Here’s an example of a veteran manager who uses a chronological resume:

Malcolm Jennings
17 Sweet Air Road
Diamond Tree WA, 6258
Phone: (02) #### ####
Email: YourEmail [@]

Career Objective: To continue my career in management in the Information Technology field by achieving the position of Chief Information Officer for an advanced company looking to constantly improve their technology resources.


Weyland Yutani Corporation
Manager of Network Services
2008 – Present

  • Led initiative to change Internet service providers and upgrade all company wide network equipment. Increased network performance by 65%.
  • Worked with company management and Human Resources department on recruiting project to improve IT staff and increase server side performance through proactive troubleshooting.
  • Trimmed budget by 30% over two years by transferring services such as email and faxing to Cloud services.
  • Implemented advanced web proxy system which increased corporate productivity by blocking “time wasting” web sites.

Frye and Associates
Helpdesk Supervisor
2006 – 2008

  • Reorganized Helpdesk staff and trouble ticket system to increase SLA’s and ensure client satisfaction.
  • Conducted weekly education seminars to help end-users help themselves, which decreased non-essential trouble tickets.
  • Implemented six-month performance reviews – instead of yearly – and mentoring sessions to ensure staff satisfaction and productivity.
  • Led by example by becoming escalation point for Helpdesk staff. Took work orders and completed various repair and troubleshooting tasks that previous Helpdesk managers would not.


  • Currently pursuing MBA with a focus on technology resource management
  • MCSE, Western Australia Institute of Information Technology, 2007
  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Perth University, 2004

Malcolm Jennings is an experienced manager in his field on Information technology, with management experience on the helpdesk and network support levels. He is looking to make the next step up and has real world management experience, so he has written a chronological resume. This format will best take advantage of his breadth of skills by focusing on them first. This way, his best qualities are what hiring managers will see right away. Earlier in his career, when he was trying to get his first Helpdesk Manager position in order to break into the management field, Malcolm would not have used the chronological format. Instead, he would scrutinize his qualities and responsibilities to determine what skills he has attained that can be used in a management job. He would list his skills first, and then follow up with his work experience and education. His functional resume would look like this:

Malcolm Jennings
1255 Lexington lane
Diamond Tree WA, 6258
Phone: (02) #### ####
Email: YourEmail [@]

Career Objective: To use my experience on the customer service side of the Information Technology field, as well as my leadership skills and education, to obtain a Helpdesk management position at a company that is seeking an enthusiastic, perseverant IT professional.


  • Excellent team player and group leader.
  • Adept at all levels of technology troubleshooting and able to effectively teach these concepts to others.
  • Dedicated to exceptional customer service.
  • In depth knowledge of various operating systems, applications, and all manner of hardware and software.
  • Strong organization and project management skills.


Shining Star Publishing
Senior Helpdesk Technician
2003 – Present

  • Responsible for training and mentoring junior Helpdesk staff.
  • Created and taught courses in Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint for end-users.
  • Led “Knowledge Base Initiative” to create a database of answers to common technology issues in order to increase Helpdesk productivity.
  • Implemented companywide desktop sharing to save technician’s time and assist users remotely.
  • Promoted to Senior level after only six months or excellent service.
  • Started this job while in college and shifted all classes to night work rather than simply interning.

Education Highlights:

  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Perth University, 2004
  • A+ certified
  • Active member of the Perth University Jiu Jitsu Team
  • Volunteered in school computer lab

In this example, Malcolm has some very good experience, just not in a management capacity. He has acquired skills that would be desirable to anyone trying to hire a manager, though, so he has chosen to lead his resume with these. After that, he targets his resume by listing the aspects of his job and accomplishments that most display the qualities outlined in the “skills” section. I’m sure he did a lot of “grunt work” as a technician, but for a management job he needs to display his leadership skills, ability to organize, his dedication and his ability to innovate and take initiative. Having done this, he has made himself an attractive candidate despite his lack of true management experience.

A well-written resume that is specifically targeted at the company and job at hand is essential for all applicants who are seeking jobs in the field of management. Whether you are an experienced manager who wants to spotlight past accomplishments with a chronological resume or a worker aspiring to management by focusing on your transferable skills, you can follow these hints and examples to write a great resume to get that job interview.