Nursing Resume Template

The medical profession is a popular field and, unlike many lines of work, medical professions like doctors and nurses are in constant demand. There are many opportunities available for nurses, including hospitals, private practices, schools and even places some applicants wouldn’t consider at first, like long term care centres, hospice and correctional facilities. Just as there are many avenues for nursing applicants to seek when considering places of employment, there are also a lot of specialties to pursue. Candidates for nursing jobs can focus on a wide range of areas, such as eldercare, emergency room, paediatrics, OB/GYN and many more. Overall, considering all the nursing positions in different business and across the various specializations, there is a tremendous opportunity for job seekers in the nursing field.

Writing a nursing resume can be difficult. It is such a specialized field and job seekers crafting a resume to get work in nursing need to focus heavily on things like important certifications, experience and education. Other important areas like teamwork, mentoring and dedication must also be highlight in order to portray a candidate as a well rounded medical health professional who is ready to step in and do the job. It’s true that nursing resumes will differ depending on where you are applying for a nursing opening and the specialty you are considering. After all, a nurse seeking a job in the ER in a busy hospital will focus on different skills, past employment tasks and education than one who is looking for work in a private paediatric practice, but the rule of “target your resume” always applies. Simply put, all job seekers in the nursing field must consider both their history and the job details when writing a resume. Each resume should be tailored to the job opening at hand. Explicitly telling the employer why you are qualified for this job is always preferable to just stating your qualifications and leaving it up to them to figure out.

There are two common resume types: chronological and functional. Each is designed to accentuate an applicant’s positives. The chronological resume format should be used by experienced professionals, as it puts the primary focus of the resume of employment history. Nursing candidates fresh out of school are better served with a functional resume, which emphasizes skills and education to make up for lack of experience. Here is an example of a chronological resume:

Melissa Young
1217 Rising Sun Road
Abington QLD, 4660
Phone: (02) #### ####
Email: YourEmail [@]

Objective: To further my career in paediatric nursing at a progressive hospital with a busy, challenging children’s ward where I can apply my skills and grow.


Queensland Central Hospital
Chief Paediatric Nurse
2007 – Present

  • Promoted to head nurse of paediatric department after two years of successful rotations and positive performance evaluations.
  • Oversaw scheduling and mentoring for nursing staff in a demanding paediatric department.
  • Along with key administrative staff members, led a project to streamline record keeping to improve efficiency.
  • Consistently in the top five nurses in the hospital in patient satisfaction surveys.
  • Volunteered for extra hours in different areas to get a better view of the hospital, its services and nurses’ roles in the big picture.

Raymond Goodfellow, MD (Private practice)
2003 – 2007

  • Worked in all areas of patient care for busy private practice.
  • Responsible for intake, pre-evaluation and discharge of patients.
  • Coordinated scheduling of patients, including working with doctors and other patients to accommodate emergency cases.
  • Assisted Dr. Goodfellow in treatment and examination of patients.

Queensland General Hospital
2000 – 2003

  • Hired as full time nurse post-graduation after a very successful two year internship.
  • Assisted nurses in their daily duties as needed.
  • Volunteered for mentoring program to help in orientation of new interns.


  • Currently pursuing Masters in Health Sciences at the Royal University of Medical Arts.
  • Masters in Nursing, Queensland Medical University, 2006.
  • Bachelors in Nursing, Queensland Medical University, 2002.

With this chronological resume, Melissa is able to spotlight her impressive work history. She has worked in a busy hospital and has been promoted, and has some very good accomplishments to tout along the way. She also has experience as an integral part of a successful private practice and an internship where she excelled to the point where she was hired full time right out of University. With these credentials, a chronological resume is the correct approach. Earlier in her career, when she didn’t have as much experience, she would have relied on a functional resume in order to put the spotlight more on her skills and education. That resume would look like this:
Melissa Young
7 Gelding Court
Abington QLD, 4660
Phone: (02) #### ####
Email: YourEmail [@]

Objective: to use my education and experience in nursing to obtain a nursing position at a thriving private family practice with a focus on pediatrics.


  • Experienced in nursing on the hospital level.
  • Excellent with children.
  • Compassionate and focused on the needs of the patient.
  • Skilled at multitasking and keeping calm under pressure.
  • Great at working with groups of nurses and doctors; excellent leader when called upon.

Education Highlights:

  • Currently completing Bachelors in Nursing, Queensland Medical University. Expected graduation: 2002.
  • Pursuing post graduate Masters degree at Queensland Medical University after graduation.
  • Organized QMU Student Nurses Forum, a student group geared toward sharing real world experiences and networking for nursing students.
  • Co-captain of University Tennis Team.
  • Started University chapter of Greenpeace to heighten environmental awareness.


Queensland General Hospital
Nursing internship
2000 – Present

  • Assisted nurses in their daily duties as needed.
  • Volunteered for mentoring program to help in orientation of new interns.
  • Helped in hospital records department and medical libraries – an excellent way to learn more.
  • Organized on duty and after work group activities for interns in order to grow as a team.

As you can see from this look at Melissa earlier in her career, she has skills gained from school and her internship, but not a whole lot of actual experience. As such, she has written a functional resume in order to accentuate her skills and education. This resume gives more detail of her internship and education in order to highlight activities like the QMU Student Nurses Forum, tennis team, student organizations and internship team building exercises, all of which show her ability to lead and to work as part of a team. This is the way to write a functional resume: state your skills, back them up with examples in the “education” and “experience” sections, and show as many important activities and accomplishments as you can.

Every job seeker looking for work in the competitive field of nursing can benefit from a job-focused, well written resume. Regardless of whether you’re a nurse with a good deal of impressive experience who is writing a chronological resume or if you’re just a new grad with skills to share with the world and using a functional resume to show that, writing a targeted and concise resume that accentuates the positive traits you can offer for a specific job is the best way to get noticed.