Resume Template

In today’s economy, with jobless rates out of control and everyone searching for a new job, it is often difficult to make yourself stand out from the crowd. A perfect looking resume may get you a second look, but if it is not done to the standard hiring managers are seeking, it may not get you the job. One way to make you run to the head of the class of thousands of resumes that have been submitted for a single position is by utilizing a resume template. Most resume templates use information you fill in on the template, placing it in the best possible position to get a second and third look from hiring managers.

Template or Free-style

Most professionals looking for a new job believe their resume is perfectly fine, as long as it includes all of their pertinent education and employment information. The standard resume writing technique we were taught in school used to work well in an economy without a high jobless rate. When companies are looking to fill fifty positions and are receiving five hundred resumes, something extra needs to stand out and set your information at the front of the crowd. A resume template is one of the most efficient ways to brighten up a resume and get it noticed.

Template or Professional Service

When looking for a good template, you do not need to budget hundreds of dollars for software and classes. Templates are available for free and sometimes come with extra help from resume professionals. The trick with using a template is to use a unique template that orders your resume correctly and is well organized with the information you enter. Resumes do need to be completed in a certain order and are most often reviewed if they come with a cover letter and provide all of the necessary information within a single page, two pages maximum. Professional resume writing services are another option; they can cost a bit of money, but are great for writing the ultimate resume to get you noticed first.

Why use a Template?

A resume template is the best way to go for those looking to re-enter the workforce or move into a different position from where they are now. It is imperative to gear your cover letter toward the position you are seeking. Most job applicants do not know the real purpose or structure of a cover letter. Resume template services will also be able to provide templates for cover letters to assist with this sometimes confusing part of resume production. No cover letter, or a badly composed cover letter, will get a resume filed without consideration faster than a badly written resume. A cover letter introduces you to the hiring manager and lets them know your resume is worth a look, a second look and an interview. Using a resume and cover letter template is key to getting notice, getting interviewed and ultimately getting to job you really want.