Sales Resume Template

Every resume is different. This is because every field of employment is different and each has its own set of proficiencies, experience requirements, abilities and prerequisites that need to be highlighted on a professional resume if an applicant is to get an interview. A plumber, for example, would focus on different areas than would an accountant. This concept is especially true in the sales profession. Job seekers applying for sales positions, whether it’s their very first sales job or simply their next, need to focus on certain key areas that are specific to this line of work. A resume is also very important in the realm of sales because the resume proves the applicant’s selling skills.

In every line of work, it’s important to remember that a resume is not just a bland summary of all your past jobs, education and skills; it’s a powerful selling tool and the product is you. This has never been truer than in the field of sales. A sales professional’s resume is the first impression that a hiring manager and your prospective peers will get of your selling skill. It is vital that sales professionals seeking employment always keep in mind that their resume is a sales pitch. Imagine the product’s benefits and how these benefits help the consumer, then explicitly outline these benefits in a short, concise sales pitch.

Working hand in hand with the important concept of the “resume as sales pitch” approach is the notion that a resume must be targeted. Just as a good salesperson wouldn’t make the exact same sales pitch to every client, a sales professional looking for work would not send the same generic resume to every employer. You will display you analytical skills by examining the specific needs of the employer, which are outlined in the job listing, and then you will scrutinize what facets of your past experience, education and skills fill the “consumer’s” specific needs. Finally, you will write a concise, targeted resume based on the employer’s requirements and how you specifically fill them. If you’re an experienced professional with a strong job history, you will use a chronological resume format that focuses on your career. If you’re changing careers or just out of university, then you will instead use the functional resume format, which sells your skills and education first in order to play to those strengths.

Here is an example of the chronological resume format for a seasoned sales professional:

Heather Austin
52 Lewis Way
Delburn, VIC 3871
Phone: (02) #### ####
Email: YourEmail [@]

Objective: to further my career in automotive sales my acquiring a sales manager position at an automotive dealership seeking a driven, goal-oriented, experienced sales professional.

Work Experience:

Carsplosion Auto Megastore
Assistant Sales Manager
2009 – Present

  • Organized and conducted weekly “coaching” meetings to motivate sales staff and improve selling techniques in order to increase monthly sales by 15%.
  • Implemented new scheduling policies with input from staff to create effective schedules that boosted employee morale and increased sales.
  • Attended seminars by major auto manufacturers to learn in depth details of their new vehicles.
  • Improved customer appreciation program to encourage repeat buyers.

Bill Winston Automotive
Sales Staff
2006 – 2009

  • Won “Sales Leader” award each month for more than half my time at Bill Winston Automotive.
  • Organized monthly luncheon with sales staff and service desk mechanics to share information and increase salespersons’ knowledge of the product.
  • During my time at Bill Winston, my overall average for converting customer meetings to sales was 70%.
  • Led brainstorming and planning sessions for sales promotions.

Robinson Chrysler
Part Times Salesperson
2004 – 2006

  • Worked on a part time basis at Robinson Chrysler during my final two years at University.
  • Consistently ranked at or near the top of all part time sales staff.
  • Organized staff trips to auto shows to gain knowledge of the product and future offerings.
  • Worked to implement official “shadowing” mentor program where part time staff partner with senior sales staff to gain knowledge of sales techniques and good work habits.


  • Victoria University, Bachelor’s in Business with a specialization in Commerce, 2006
  • Earned Certified Sales Professional certificate in 2008

In this example, we see that Heather Austin has a great deal of experience in the automotive sales field, progressing from a part time job while finishing her degree, up to an assistant sales manager position. In her summary of employment, she doesn’t simply list duties performed. Instead, she details accomplishments. Doing this sells her better as a dynamic performer who takes initiative and gets results. Who wouldn’t “buy” that “product?”

Here is Heather’s resume that she wrote while completing her degree as her goal was to obtain a full time job in her chosen field. It is a functional, skills-based resume that spotlights her abilities, education and experiences at university, since these things outweigh experience at the moment.

Heather Austin
8 Monarch Court, Apt. E
Delburn, VIC 3871
Phone: (02) #### ####
Email: YourEmail [@]

Objective: To use the skills I have gained through work experience and the knowledge I have obtained through my education to attain full time employment in the field of automotive sales.


  • Results oriented salesperson with experience in the automotive field.
  • Dedicated to increasing product knowledge and sales ability.
  • Excellent team player who is skilled at working with and motivating others.
  • Multitasking ability: completed degree while leading sales among part time associates at Robinson Chrysler.
  • Devoted to top notch customer service.

Education Details:

  • Victoria University, Bachelor’s in Business with a specialization in Commerce, graduating in September 2006.
  • Though it was not my major, I took several courses in advertising as well in order to gain a more well-rounded perspective on commerce and salesmanship.
  • Volunteered at the University Marketing Office.

Work Experience:

Robinson Chrysler
Part Times Salesperson
2004 – Present

  • Working on a part time basis during my final two years at University. Took on full time hours during school breaks.
  • Consistently ranked at or near the top of all part time sales staff.
  • Organized staff trips to auto shows to gain knowledge of the product and future offerings.
  • When I have no prospective customers, I actively “shadow” senior sales staff to learn techniques and effective habits from them. I have encouraged other part time staff to do the same.

Victoria University Bookstore
Customer Service Desk Associate
2002 – 2004

  • Provided excellent first point of contact service to students seeking information on products, courses and store offerings.
  • Answered and resolved all customer complains in a timely manner.
  • Covered for checkout staff whenever needed.

As you can see, as she prepared to graduate, Heather had only part time experience in the auto sales field. She did have an array of transferable skills gained through her experiences on the job and in school that she listed in the “skills” section and then proved in subsequent areas of her resume. This is a great way for someone just starting out to sell themselves regardless of the level of experience. This proves that whether you have worked in the field for years or are just getting out of school, a good, well thought out resume is an effective sales tool to get you your next – or first – job.